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Pietro Dressing  SHOYU 280ml

Pietro's standard dressing features onion and soy sauce flavor.
It is such a magical dressing that even children who dislike vegetables will love salads with it.
Dressing is gluten-free with no MSG!


Net weight

Best by

Vegetable Oil (manufactured in Japan), Vinegar, Onion,Tamari Soy Sauce, Sugar, Salt, Olives, Yeast Extract, Red Pimentos, Spices, Tangle Extract Powder
(Contains Soy.)

Nutrition Facts
(per 15g)


12 months


Calories 75kcal/ Proteins 0.3g/ Fat 7.7g/ Carbohydrates 1.2g/ Sodium chloride amount0.7g

We insist on the following!



While we use soy sauce made with 100% non-genetically modified unprocessed soybeans without using flour, the great flavor of soy sauce is maintained so that individuals who are allergic to flour can also enjoy the dressing.
​The products are strictly no MSG and use only gluten-free ingredients.



Suitable for vegan diets!

No animal-based ingredients are used.

The dressing uses the flavor of soy sauce, a popular taste in Japan, to fully satisfy your palate.



Using selected Japan onion

Because the flavor of onion varies by season and by moisture content, we continue to look for onions nationwide, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, throughout the year for the ones most suitable for making dressing. We continue to look for delicious onions.

We have organized a "Taste keeper" team to select and perform taste tests for onions constantly.



We chop each onion by hand

We cannot make delicious dressing if spoiled onions get mixed in, so it is vital that each onion is chopped by hand

and checked visually for quality. 

Also, to achieve uniform flavor when wringing the onions, they are chopped by hand to ensure uniform size.

To best enjoy our dressing



How to open the cap

The cap was redesigned to make it easier to use.

The twist-off-cap is easy to open, and there is no inside cap at the spout.

how to1.jpg



How to mix the dressing well

Shake the bottle sideways, left and right!

It will mix better this way rather than shaking it up and down.

how to2.jpg

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging


Change approximately 30%※1
of the plastic used for bottles to "Biomass plastic"


Change the ink used for package printing partly to "Biomass ink"

*1: Average percentage of biomass plastic used for the bottles of the 280 ml dressing series and OUCHI-PASTA series

Q.1 What is biomass plastic?

A.1 It is a polymer material produced by the chemical or biological synthesis of renewable organic resources as raw materials. Pietro’s bottles are made from biomass plastic that is made from plant (sugarcane)-based materials.

Q.2 What is biomass ink?

A.1 It is an ink made using biomass (plant)-based materials as part of the contained resin. Pietro’s labels are printed partly with eco-friendly biomass ink.

Pietro will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by using eco and earth friendly packaging.

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