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"THE PIETRO STORY starts from "One Restaurant" since 1980​. " YOUMENYA PIETRO series is perfect to pour on just drained pasta. Enjoy the real taste of restaurant.

1. Product development and recipe by our chef

Enjoy delicious flavor that can only be found at pasta restaurants created by chefs of “YOUMENYA PIETRO”.

2.  From our huge kitchen

Our sauce is carefully made by hand in Fukuoka Pietro factory in the same way it is made in our restaurants’ kitchens.

3. Many repeated steps in small quantity

Pietro sauce is not mass-produced. It is made in quantities small enough to maintain its delicious flavor.


Restaurant-quality deliciousness at home

King Crab Royale

This product uses flaked meat and innards from Japan-produced red snow crabs. Enjoy the luxurious taste of the sweet flavor of crab and richly flavored crab innards melted in the sauce.The rich tomato sauce is characterized by an exquisite match of the flavors of crab and tomato.


Sea Treasure Cream Sauce

A hearty amount of raw sea urchins is used in this sumptuous sea urchin flavored sauce. Sea urchins are tossed in the blender until smooth to create sauce with delicious sea urchin umami. We carefully balance its flavor and thickness so our customers can thoroughly enjoy sea urchin’s great taste. 


Envy of Italy Peperoncino

Tomato sauce with a touch of spiciness from cayenne peppers can be addictive. The lavish flavor of shrimp, octopus, and other seafood is added to this spicy tomato sauce. Three types of tomatoes are blended to produce a great balance of flavor that brings out the wonderfully sweet and sour taste of tomatoes.


Bounty of the Sea Arrabbiata

Flavorful Spaghetti Peperoncino with sardine and aromatic vegetables is a popular dish at restaurants. It’s called “Despair Spaghetti, ” because it is said that this pasta “tastes good even in times of despair.” Soft Japanese sardines and shredded aromatic vegetables are lavishly used to fully bring out sardine flavor and vegetable aroma and sweetness.


Bolognese for Meat Lovers

A filling Bolognese sauce with plenty of coarsely ground meat. We use plenty of tasty beef as well as tender and juicy pork so that you can really feel the flavor of the meat. Pietro's original demi-glace sauce is added to tomatoes, and slowly simmered to bring
out the umami, richness, and deep taste that cannot be achieved with tomatoes alone.


Eggplant and Ground Meat with Spicy Tomato Sauce

The tomato sauce uses three types of processed tomato products.
Vinegar is added to the rich flavor of tomato to make the sauce as
delicious as those served at restaurants. Every bit of the flavor of the precooked ground meat is put into the sauce. Also, beef tallow is added to enhance the flavor of the meat.


Carbonara Spaghetti Sauce with Hakata Spicy Caviar

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) is Hakata's specialty. This sauce uses carefully selected mentaiko with a good balance of umami, spiciness, and popping texture. Fish broth is also contained in the sauce to blend the umami of seafood and bring out the flavor of mentaiko, adding an excellent aroma to the sauce.


Takana and Bacon

This is a Japanese-style sauce made with pickled Kyushu takana and chunky bacon. The shredded nori topping makes this a flavorful Japanese dish.

How to Cook Pre-packaged  Pasta sauce


Warm the Pre-packaged Pasta sauce in boiling water for 3-5 minutes without opening the inner bag.


Be sure to transfer the sauce to a deep heat-resistant container, lightly cover with plastic wrap, and microwave at 500 watts for 1 minute.

Open the Pre-packaged Pasta sauce and pour it all over the pasta.

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