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The factory is a “huge kitchen”

The dressing is made with special “care” in the restaurant kitchen, and this “care” which has been there since the beginning, is passed on by the staff working in the dressing factory with every one of them carefully doing their part. Many of the manufacturing processes are still done by hand even today.
Delicious products are made not by machine but by hand. This will not change, regardless of how modern society becomes.


Many repeated steps in small quantity

There's nothing better than food made with time and effort carefully devoted to it. To ensure deliciousness that cannot be achieved in mass production, we use stockpots to prepare our dressing.

We do not mass produce using a gigantic tank. Placing more value on flavor than we do on efficiency,

we continue to follow the recipe to deliver a consistently delicious taste. 


The pursuit of delicious taste and health

We begin our production by first imagining the dining tables where Pietro products are being used.
The deliciousness is important, but we also hope to deliver joy to the people using our products
and wholesomeness for our health-conscious customers. We continue to strive to make such products.



Message from Pietro's Koga factory staff

Dear visitors to Pietro website

​Hello. Thank you very much for visiting the official Pietro website.
Let us introduce you to the factory producing our dressing.

Pietro's factory is located in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Fukuoka Prefecture is one of the prefectures located in the western part of Japan, and the city is known for its delicious food.
The factory was built in this town rich in nature in 1990.

There is only one Pietro factory in Japan. "Pietro Dressing SHOYU" and "Pietro Dressing SESAME" for export are also produced
at the factory in Koga City.
The dressing delivered to you is produced in the same factory that produces dressings sold in Japan.
Our staff put their whole heart into production, hoping to provide delicious products for you.

Pietro's dressing helps people who do not like vegetables, actually enjoy vegetables!
We hope that this dressing adds more smiling faces to the dining table!
​Our joy is for you to enjoy the dressing we have put all our hearts into making.

It will bring us happiness if you think of those of us at the factory, even just for a moment, when you pick up Pietro dressing.
Take care.

​Factory staff


The company has obtained ISO22000

As a company manufacturing food items, Pietro continuously conducts rigorous hygiene management using
a hygiene-related manual based on ISO22000 to ensure food safety so that our customers will feel at ease purchasing our products.
We have set up strict standards and systems for quality control. We are fully conscious of quality consistency, hygiene, and safety control, from the procurement of ingredients to processing and distribution management,
in order to maintain food safety.


Pietro's SDGs
– For a bright future for children –

Selling the "Magical dressing that helps people who do not like vegetables, actually like vegetables,"
Pietro has been promoting food education since its foundation in 1980.

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