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"THE PIETRO STORY" starts from "One Restaurant"

 "Pietro" opened in Fukuoka on December 9, 1980. The dressing we sell overseas today was first created at this restaurant. Word-of-mouth increased the popularity of the dressing for salads served to customers while they waited for their orders.
The dressing was filled into empty wine bottles and offered to customers. This was the beginning of over-the-counter sales of Pietro dressing.


"Magical Dressing" for helping people

who do not like vegetables, actually enjoy vegetables!

We decided to sell Pietro dressing because we heard that "Kids who didn't like vegetables cleaned the plate when this dressing was used." 

Since its foundation in 1980, Pietro has made "Magical Dressing" for helping people who do not like vegetables, actually enjoy vegetables.


Our wish to share delicious food with the world

Pietro from Japan is now exported to 15 countries.

We develop our products with the hope of adding fun and zest to dining and the joy of salad to people around the world.


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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Since its foundation in 1980, Pietro has continued to offer unique Italian and Japanese fusion food for our customers.

It is well known that food is closely linked to health, and “dining” is an important time that brings people together and provides joy.

Creating something customers call “delicious” is the highest priority for Mr. Murata, the founder.

He carefully and diligently selected ingredients and offered only dishes he thought were good.

He treasured compliments from customers saying that the food was delicious.

We have inherited his wish in our motto to do our absolute best to deliver deliciousness, health, joy,
and happiness to our all customers.

We hope to bring smiling faces to people around the world through our products.

PIETRO Co., Ltd.
Yasuyuki Takahashi,


The origin of the name Pietro

The name comes from the Italian folktale "Shepherd Pietro." 

Pietro is a popular boy's name in Italy, and parents name their children Pietro

with the hope of the boy being loved and adored by everyone.

The man on the Pietro logo is affectionately called "Uncle Pietro."

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