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Our own farm 

Noko Vege Farm


10 minutes by boat from Fukuoka City. Surrounded by the sea, Nokonoshima, where the pleasant sea breeze blows through.
Pietro has his own farm, Noko Veggie Farm, on Nokonoshima Island in Hakata Bay.

Kunihiko Murata, the founder of Pietro, He said that he was encouraged many times by the beautiful sunset that can be seen from this island.

We have been making special dressings to make salads delicious, in order to face the “vegetables” themselves, I started farming on this island.
Based on our philosophy that "delicious food can only be created by human hands," we do everything from soil preparation to harvest.
We take the soil and climate of Nokonoshima seriously and use carefully grown vegetables and fruits to create our dishes.
I would like to share the chef's special dish with everyone.
The vegetables and fruits grown here are used as ingredients for products and restaurant menus, depending on the amount harvested. Our employees also visit this farm every week and work together with the local staff. We deliver seasonal flavors from our own farm in Nokonoshima.

The crops harvested at Noko Veggie Farm are used in various Pietro products.

Here are some examples of our representative products!




Chili pepper

Sweet potato​

■Tomato:PIETRO A DAY Vichyssoise with Nokonoshima tomato, 3 kinds of bright red tomato sauce

■Chili pepper:Spicy sauce, Rosemary oil

■Carrot:PIETRO A DAY Potage with Nokonoshima carrot

■Garlic:Chef's KYUZITSU(CHEF'S day off)Sardine and vegetables with peperoncino, TANITA collaboration product: Minestrone, etc.

At Noko Veggie Farm, we are particular about the soil we farm, We grow vegetables close to nature by cultivating without using pesticides as much as possible and removing weeds by hand without using herbicides!

Enjoy the products that you can understand the commitment of producers and processors!

Nokonoshima Oishii PROJECT

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