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〜Noodle Dishes from Around the World〜
Pad Thai : Thai Stir-Fried Noodles

A tasty recipe for  Thai Noodles! This homemade Pad Thai had excellent, well-balanced flavor with  "PIETRO OUCHI PASTA". The one you will make over and over again, any night of the week, just by using "PIETRO OUCHI PASTA".

This dishware has the contrast between white and gray and the striking pattern  and Tobikanna (chatter marks) which the inside  of the vessel are beautiful. 



OPぺぺ_タイ風焼きそば “パッタイ” 寄り.jpg



Singapore Rice Noodles Recipe

● Pad Thai・・・Dried noodles 100g / 280g after reconstitution with water
● Sesame oil ・・・ 25cc
● Egg・・・ 2 pieces
● Muki shrimp・・・ 12 fish (80g)
● Atsuage (Deep Fried Tofu) ・・・ 60g
● Bean sprout ・・・80g
● Sakura shrimp (dried) ・・・ 6g
● Water・・・ 120cc
● PIETRO OUCHI PASTA  Aglio, olio e Peperoncino ・・・ 4 tablespoons
● Chinese chive ・・・40g

Nuts ・・・ 20g
Lime  ・・・ 2 pieces
<Instructions>①Boil rice noodles until too tough to serve but soft enough to eat, a firm al dente.Drain, and rinse with cold water to keep from sticking.
②Season the shrimp with salt. Cut the fried tofu into cubes.
③Heat the skillet over medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon of roasted sesame oil. Add the eggs and scramble them, and remove.
④Add the 15cc sesame oil the same pan, cook over medium heat. 
Stir fry ❷, add bean sprout, and add Sakura shrimp. Add ❶ ❸ and fry lightly.
When the all ingredients are mixed well, add water and OUCHI PASTA and heat to taste.
To finish, add garlic cut into 5 cm width and mix quickly, then turn off the heat.
⑤Serve in a desihes and serve topped with chopped nuts. Garnish with lime wedges and squeeze over just before eating.


9月 朝食イメージ器 翁明マット リム皿.jpg

■PIETRO OUCHI PASTA  Aglio, olio e Peperoncino
Spicy homemade style peperoncino pasta sauce with garlic and pepper.

■Oumei Kamamoto kiln
▶ Click here for the website of Oumei Kamamoto kiln

To be continued

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