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Sesame-flavored Gyoza dumplings

How about adding a twist to cooking frozen Gyoza dumplings?  All you need to do is add dressing to a frying pan to fry Gyoza dumplings.

The taste of Gyoza dumplings cooked with the mouthwatering flavor of the dressing will send your taste buds into orbit! 



● Dressing ・・・2 tablespoons
● Gyoza dumplings (Frozen)・・・7 pcs
● Water・・・60 ml

① Place a Teflon frying pan over medium heat. Place Gyoza dumplings in the pan.

Do not use oil.
② Slowly add water to the pan.
③ Cook Gyoza dumplings according to the directions on the package.
④ Put dressing in the frying pan and cook without a cover until Gyoza dumplings are crisp.

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