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Sautéed white-meat fish

Make a regular fish dish into something extra special. Easy to make: just top it with dressing! 


● Dressing・・・3 tablespoons
● White-meat fish (fillet)・・・2 pcs
● Tomato・・・1 
● Basil・・・2 pcs
● Black olives (sliced)・・・Some
● Flour・・・Some
● Salt and pepper・・・Pinch


① Sprinkle salt and pepper over white-meat fish and let it sit.
② Thinly coat ❶ with flour and grill in a pan.
③ Peel the tomato after steeping in hot water and dice it.

Mix it with chopped basil and dress with dressing.
④ After grilling, pour ❸ over ❷ and sprinkle with black olives.

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