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In a morning  the weather is still cold,
how about a relaxing time with "Sandwich and Coffee" ?
Coffee cup  which feel rustic and the warmth and healthy sandwich.
We're introducing dishware and recipes that you enjoy breakfast at home, relaxing.



Chicken and carrot sandwich

Ingredients (1 serving)

●  1 tbs. dressing ROASTED SESAME, and as needed
●  85 g shredded chicken
● Turkish pide bread
● 10g lettuce
● 2 cherry tomatoes, sliced
● 80g carrot, peeled
① In a salad bowl, combine the carrots and pour over the dressing. 
② Slice Turkish pide bread.
③ Place lettuce, sliced tomato and  shredded chicken into the sandwich.
④ Top with grated carrot, pour the dressing  and sandwich top to serve.



Today’s photo opportunity!

This is a photo taken by a member with their own camera at the kiln!


Finally, at the shop of OUMEI KAMAMOTO, you’ll find out  their craftsmanship. Here, you’ll find your favorite dishware, and enjoy shopping.
It's fun to choose tableware first and then decide what to make.
”OUMEI" tableware is made with the hope that you will enjoy your daily life.
Please have a wonderful time with using Pietro's recipes.

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▶ Click here for the website of Oumei Kamamoto kiln

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We hope you will be looking forward to our next post.
Thank you for your time reading this page !

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