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Mimosa salad with bamboo shoots and asparagus

Dressing mixed with egg is a perfect match with bacon and vegetables. A gorgeous-looking dish to decorate your dining table.



● Dressing・・・3 tablespoons
● Boiled egg・・・1 
● Bamboo shoots ・・・200 g 
             Baby corn can also be used!
● Asparagus・・・4 pcs
● Bacon ・・・80 g

① Mince boiled egg.
② Cut parboiled bamboo shoots into wedges. Peel skin from asparagus with a peeler and cut in half horizontally and in half lengthwise.
③ Place ❷ in a frying pan, add bacon, cover and cook over medium heat. After asparagus is cooked, serve on a plate and sprinkle with ❶.

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