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Chicken power salad

The rich texture of grilled chicken with colorful vegetables tossed in a bowl is an amazing salad treat that will pick you up!


● Dressing ・・・ 3 tablespoons
● Leaf vegetable・・・80 g
● Snap peas・・・3 
● Avocado ・・・ 1/4 
● Red cabbage・・・15 g
● Strawberries・・・3 
● Bell pepper ・・・1/4 
● Mixed nuts ・・・20 g
● Grilled chicken ・・・3 pcs


① Boil snap peas and cut in half. 
② Cut avocado into thin slices, shred red cabbage, and cut strawberries in half. Dice bell pepper. Cut grilled chicken into bite-size pieces.
③ Serve ❶, ❷ and mixed nuts on a plate, and pour dressing over it. 
*You can also use ready-made chicken, but pan-fried chicken thigh is also recommended.

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