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Every parents want to getting children to eat more vegetables ... Getting kids to eat their veggies is usually the bigger challenge.
If you're looking for more ideas on how to get kids to eat vegetables, take our veggie challenge using "PIETRO" item and "Oumei Kamamoto" dishes! Here are recipes for several vegetables which makes kids eat veggies from PIETRO! 


Challenge  Cauliflower
Crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. With sesame dressing, if you try eating it once, you will become addicted. The cute dot pattern on a square container that even small hands can hold will make you feel happy!
Trying to make your child like and eat more cauliflower!The next challenge is a combination of cauliflower and bacon.A warm salad made with delicious, fluffy cauliflower and crispy bacon. These makes your child love cauliflower!


カリフラワー 焙煎ごま_ハッシュブラウンカリフラワーIMG_7477.jpg
カリフラワー 焙煎ごま_カリフラワーとベーコンのホットサラダIMG_7791 1.jpg

Cauliflower Hash Browns

・1/2 egg…25~30g
・Parmesan cheese…10g
・Salt and pepper…some
・Olive oil… 1 tablespoons 
・Unsalted butter…5g
・Dressing・・・ 1 tablespoons 

<Instructions> for one kid
① Divide the cauliflower into small florets, boil them in boiling water with a little salt and mash them with a fork. Take a rough fever. Cut the bacon into bite-size pieces.
②In a bowl, add 1/2 beaten egg, ❶ cauliflower, flour, and grated cheese, and mix lightly with a rubber spatula.
③ Put olive oil in a frying pan and heat it over low heat. Divide ❷ into 6 equal parts and put them in a frying pan. Add butter halfway through and sauté both sides. (about 10 minutes)
④ Drizzle with dressing and sprinkle with grated cheese if desired.

 Warm Cauliflower Bacon Salad

・Dressing・・・ 2 tablespoons
・Olive oil・・・ 1 tablespoons  
・Bacon・・・ 30g
<Instructions> for one kid① Divide the cauliflower into small florets (about 10g each) and boil in boiling water with a little salt. Cut the bacon into bite-size pieces.
② Put olive oil in a frying pan and heat it over low heat. Add cauliflower and bacon, and sauté slowly until browned. (about 6-7 minutes)
Once the cauliflower has browned, add the dressing.
③.Remove it from the frying pan and add it to a serving dish.





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■Oumei Kamamoto kiln

▶ Click here for the website of Oumei Kamamoto kiln

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